Fashion Photography Courses


Fashion Photography Courses in Kochi, Kerala

If you want to pursue a promising career in Fashion and Glamour, Academy of Design and Management invites you to realize your dream through the tailor-made course for you, 3- months Diploma Course in Fashion Photography. The Fashion Photography Courses in Kochi, Kerala is introduced for beginners, fashion professionals, and amateurs.

The curriculum is designed with:

  • Classroom training with live projects
  • Developing and polishing the skills and thinking of the starters
  • Handling the camera
  • Discovering creative ideas
  • Create visually compelling and exciting images

This methodical approach to Fashion Photography will make you a fine artist in short span of time!!!!!!!!!!!

fashion photography courses in kerala

Course overview

  • Encourages in supporting students to imagine, conceptualize and execute fashion photography shoots
  • Give an inside and out comprehension about the utilization of light to make expressive and amazing fashion pictures
  • Teaches the significance of non-verbal communication such as body language, getting the correct articulations, emotions, and states of mind required for a Fashion Shoot
  • Passes on important information on the technical aspects of a camera.
fashion photography courses in kerala

Learning outcomes

Post fulfilment of the Diploma course in Fashion Photography, you will have the option to:

  • Epitomize the entire medium of Visual Image from a technical and artistic point of view.
  • Envision, Communicate, Integrate and Implement the technical ranges of abilities required in the realm of Fashion Photography
  • Comprehend the significance of visualization and observation in the art of Photography
  • Achieve a clear-cut knowledge on handling the technical aspects of a camera
  • Take challenges in the visual picture industry from an expert perspective


Career opportunities

After successful completion of Fashion Photography Courses in Kerala, you can Procure work opportunity in various mediums related to the world of Fashion Photography including

  • Still-life Photography
  • Industrial Photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Events Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Advertising Photography


Reasons to apply

The 3-months Diploma in Fashion Photography Courses in Kochi, Kerala is the correct decision for you in light of the fact that:

  • The course emphasizes a deep understanding of the specialty of photography, from creating to executing a thought or Imagination under the guidance of famous, prominent faculty with many years of expertise
  • The program urges students to involve in different technical partnerships and workshops with many driving brands of camera manufacturers
  • The course educational plan focuses on limited admission which thus guarantees individual attention to all the students
  • The Program equips students with a chance to show their pictures in an open forum in front of powerful industry networks

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Diploma in Fashion Photography : 3 Months


  • History and Introduction of Photography.
  • Cameras/ different formats in Digital Camera
  • Core Camera Skills and Working knowledge of DSLR
  • Lenses and Focal Lengths
  • Filters
  • Composition and Understanding a Photographic Design from point of Visualization
  • Visual Aesthetics for Photography
  • Lighting
  • Self-Promotion
  • Final Project