Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management – 3 Years

Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management – 3 Years

Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management – 3 Years

Advance Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management – 3 Years

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Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management  is a three-year program offered by Academy Of Design And Management, Cochin under the guidance and management of JD institute of fashion technology.This intensive programme prepares students to meet and exceed the potential of fashion design by deepening their understanding and application of the fundamental aspects that shape the field.

Students’ creative language is enhanced and refined, and they are able to identify and develop their skills with the help of the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Management. Students are exposed to various growing digital and technical tools in addition to a rigorous curriculum covering the fundamental methodologies that inform the practise of fashion design. Students gain advanced knowledge and skills in fabrics, pattern cutting, garment construction, and draping, as well as a research-driven design process. Various workshops supplement the learning by introducing them to the evolving, versatile, and interdisciplinary nature of fashion design, as well as the development of various skills. Students are exposed to trends and are taught how to interpret and analyse forecasts.


Eligibility: SSLC | +2/A Level Duration: 3 Years Language: English
Seats: 60 Seats Availability: JD Institute – Cochin Department: Fashion Design


The three-year Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design :
  • With the European Credit Transfer System, it instils term-based learning (ECTS).
  • It has an accredited curriculum that is on par with the world’s top fashion schools.
  • Emphasizes progressive teaching modules to achieve industry-oriented results.
  • Adheres to an integrated approach to theory and practise; the curriculum allows for a three-month industry internship.
  • Emphasizes a comprehensive CAD training structure in order to provide students with a thorough understanding of creative realisation and development.
  • Fosters the development of the student’s entrepreneurial skills.


Completing Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design will enable students to:
  • Create a holistic approach to fashion design by integrating theory and history; be able to challenge its scope and potential.
  • Create a personal creative identity; identify areas of specialisation
  • Gain expertise in developing their own fashion collections, as well as the ability to interpret and formulate forecasts using WGSN (Worth Global Style Network).
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of fashion design application, practise, and methodologies.
  • Gain practical experience in textile and garment construction exploration.
  • Develop advanced technical ability and fluency through intensive draping and pattern drafting training, as well as expertise in digital tools.


The fashion industry has evolved over the years, and in order to stay in the field, one must embrace adaptability in their practise.The course prepares its students for the following career opportunities, but are not limited to:

  • Creating your own brand
  • Working with major fashion brands
  • Working at a garment export houses
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Textile Designer
  • Personal Stylist


First Year
  • Basics of Art and Design
  • Pattern Making and Sewing Techniques – 1
  • Sketching and Illustration – 1
  • Fashion Theory
  • Pattern Making and Sewing Techniques -2
  • Textile Science
  • Design Process
  • Art and Costume Appreciation
Second Year
  • Draping -1
  • CAD – 1
  • Traditional Indian Textiles
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • CAD – 2
  • Draping – 2
  • Pattern Making and Sewing Techniques – MENSWEAR
  • Academic Research Methodologies
Third Year
  • Fabric Ornamentation
  • Apparel Merchandising
  • CAD – 3
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
  • Fashion Styling
  • Industry Project
  • Apparel Production and Quality Control
  • Visual Merchandising and Consumer Behaviour
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion Marketing and Retail
  • Final Collection Portfolio

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