BSc. in Jewellery Design – Singhania University – 3 Years

BSc. in Jewellery Design – Singhania University – 3 Years

BSc. in Jewellery Design – Singhania University – 3 Years

BSc. in Jewellery Design – Singhania University – 3 Years

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Academy of Design and Management, Cochin under guidance and management of JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a three-year Bachelor’s of Science or BSc. in Jewellery Design in collaboration with Singhania University. The programme introduces students to the fundamentals of jewellery design and prepares them to develop their own independent creative vision and practise. The programme investigates the role of jewellery in contemporary society and its evolving cultural and historical significance through an experimental and exploratory approach. The pedagogy seeks to prepare students to lead informed and conscientious practises, as well as to be efficient and innovative jewellery designers.

BSc. in Jewellery Design offered by Academy of Design and Management, Cochin follows a curriculum that aims to equip students to question the existing methodologies that inform the practice of jewellery design and challenge its scope and potential. Students are encouraged to explore new ways of working and develop their own creative identity and vision by understanding the fundamentals of material and making. They are also introduced to various drawing and rendering techniques, as well as digital tools that inform current field practise. The programme prepares entrepreneurs by training and orienting the cohort to various marketing and management tools reflective of the industry’s present environment.

Eligibility: 10+2 / PUC / HSE Duration: 3 Years Language: English
Seats: 60 Seats Availability: ADM X JD Institute – Cochin Department: Jewellery Design


BSc. in Jewellery Design offered by one of the top fashion schools in India, Academy of Design and Management, Cochin under guidance and management of JD Institute of Fashion Technology:

  • Provides the learner with the understanding of the complex process and technical expertise required for the creation of jewellery and fine jewellery.
  • Emphasizes providing functional knowledge of various materials, fabrication techniques, compositions, and market trends related to fine jewellery design and innovative application.
  • Assists the student in identifying and challenging traditional and contemporary jewellery drafting techniques, encouraging them to develop new working methods.
  • Develop the technical, creative, and analytical skills required to begin and lead a career in the industry.


After successful completion of BSc. in Jewellery Design, students will be able to:
  • Develop a strong sense of creativity, as well as the ability to interpret and create forecasts and trends.
  • A thorough understanding of gemstones and diamonds, as well as their specifications.
  • Create appropriate methodologies for jewellery research, design, and manufacturing.
  • Learn about the properties of various metals used in the craft of fine jewellery and the range of their applications.
  • Understand the various stages of jewellery development.
  • Create and present their own jewellery collection to a public audience, as well as receive professional feedback.


Because of the expansion of the art of jewellery design and its evolving nature, the industry is experiencing growth that necessitates people of various calibre and talent within its creative practise. A jewellery design graduate with a JD institute of Fashion Technology Cochin degree has numerous career options, ranging from owning their own fine jewellery and/or costume jewellery brand to working for top brands or luxury designers. Along with this, the course prepares the student for careers as a gemologist, illustrator, and academician.


First Year
  • History of Jewellery
  • Drawing & Rendering Techniques
  • Art & Design Fundamentals
  • Jewellery Components
  • Design Thinking & Process
  • Gemology
  • Metallurgy
  • Computer Aided Design 1
Second Year
  • Orthographic Drawing
  • Basic Manufacturing Techniques in Jewellery
  • India & International Market
  • Jewellery Cost & Budgeting
  • Computer Aided Design 2
  • Diamond Identification & Grading
  • Adv. Manufacturing Tools & Techniques
  • Rendering Technique (Metal)
  • Visual Merchandising
Third Year
  • Rendering Technique (Studded)
  • Budget Based Design & Illustration
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • 3D Graphics
  • Portfolio
  • Accessories Project
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Industry project/ case study
  • Graduation Project
  • Entrepreneurship & Professional Practices

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