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Home In Miniature- A Tribute to Micro Dwelling – JD Design Awards 2023

Home in Miniature is a design Showcased by Halima Anjum, Student of MSc. in Interior Design at Academy of design and Management under the guidance of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Micro homes made of bamboo A-frame buildings are a practical and sustainable alternative for housing migratory workers. These compact constructions make use of bamboo’s strength and versatility to produce durable frameworks that can sustain small living spaces. Bamboo’s quick growth makes it a plentiful and environmentally favorable resource that contributes to a low carbon footprint. The A-frame design maximizes space utilization while maintaining structural stability. Furthermore, the inherent insulating characteristics of bamboo aid in the maintenance of comfortable living circumstances. These micro houses are readily erected and disassembled, providing migrant workers with freedom and mobility in search of inexpensive and decent housing solutions.

The Young Interior Designer was Awarded for the Best Concept of the Year.