Talents Day and Freshers Day Celebrations Academy of Design and Management ()

ADM X JD Institute’s Spectacular Talents Day and Freshers Day Celebrations

On 4 th November 2023, Academy of design and Management under the guidance of Jd institute of fashion technology Cochin organized a Spectacular Talents Day and freshers day Event for our students . 

As the world of education continues to change, the role that cultural events play in helping students become capable, confident, and open to change is becoming increasingly clear. In the fast-paced, cutthroat world of today, comprehensive education goes beyond academic excellence. Academy of Design and Management, under the direction of JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin(ADM X JD institute), places a high value on scheduling and organizing extracurricular activities, such as athletics, talent shows, and other enrichment programmes, in order to promote our students’ overall development. This article looks at the goals of these activities for today’s students and the benefits of getting involved.JD’s Got Talent is one such occasion where our students come together to showcase their greatest skills through dance, singing, and other forms of performance, followed by lunch and prize distribution.

Along with the talent Show Senior students of jd institute Hosted Freshers Party for the new batch consisting of BSc ,MSc and Diploma students.Keeping in line with the theme of the bash As Spicy South the fresher’s came dressed in their fashionable best. The seniors as well as the faculties too adhered to the theme and flaunted some filmy elegance.

The main objective of this event was to strengthen ties between juniors and encourage contact with the college and faculty. It gave me an opportunity to get to know people in the area. The elders organized a variety of enjoyable activities for the newcomers. While others danced to the sounds of popular tunes from the South, other pupils displayed the newest fashions. To this music, the entire Fashion & Interior department could be seen dancing. The room was filled with the sounds of tunes, both old and modern.

JD Got Talent was founded by our Jediians to honor the institute’s youthful energy. The best-performing students received awards from our honorable Chief Guest, Ms. Sandra Agnes D’souza, Founder of ADM, Director South of JD Educational Trust, and Mr Anu Antony, ADM Student Mentor. Winners and finalists in each category were chosen based on their skill set and the level of interaction generated by their act. 

ADM X JD Institute Cochin believes that Cultural events not only enhance academic education, but also play an important role in establishing a diverse student body. As an educational institution, it is our job to recognise the immense benefits of these activities and to give our students numerous opportunities to engage.