Idukki Carousel A Tribute to Rotating Interiors Academy of Design and Management ()

Idukki Carousel : A Tribute to Rotating Interiors – JD Design Awards 2023

Idukki Carousel is a design Showcased by Anitta Sunny, student of MSc. in Interior Design at Academy of design and Management under the guidance of  JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Revolving interiors is a novel idea that will revolutionize the experience of vacationing in a resort cottage. The complete inside of the home will be able to rotate a full 360 degrees in one hour by combining a base plate and motorized components. Guests can enjoy different perspectives and vistas throughout their stay thanks to this dynamic feature. The building’s structural integrity and primary core will remain stable. Guests can personalize their surroundings of green hills, natural beauties, forests, tea plantations, and so on with this one-of-a-kind design, creating a really unforgettable and immersive experience throughout their stay at the resort.

The Young Interior Designer was Awarded for the Best Innovative Design Solution.