Mirrored A Tribute to Humanity JD Design Awards Academy of design & Management ()

Mirrored: A Tribute to Humanity – JD Design Awards 2023

Mirrored is Designed by Melita Ann Reji, student of BSc in Fashion Design & Garment Management at  Academy of design & Management under the guidance of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Men’s clothing line Mirrored honors the exceptional traits that make us unique as people and those others see reflected in us. This collection welcomes men to express their identity while honoring the shared human experience by fusing tailored beauty, artistic embellishments, versatile layering, and sustainable materials. Each outfit encourages wearers to connect with their Emotions, aspirations, and connections by recognising the complexity of human existence. The craftsmanship of fashion allows us to enter the heart of mankind and to appreciate the wonder of being human.

The Young fashion designers were awarded for The Best Experimental Collection .