Whatif A Tribute to Disney Villain Academy of Design and Management ()

Whatif : A Tribute to Disney Villain – JD Design Awards 2023

Whatif is a Concept taken by Amrutha S Nair, Student of Diploma in Fashion Photography at Academy of Design and Management under the guidance of Jd institute of fashion technology Cochin for JD Design Awards 2023.’What if?’ is the idea that is being used. In other words, what if This took place instead of that? The memorial is for the horrified Disney villains. Everyone is familiar with the sleeping beauty‘s curse, which required the true love of her life to kiss the princess. But in the Maleficent film, where she was betrayed and hurt by Stefan, who was the father of the cursed child by Maleficent, we clearly understood the witch’s motivations. Therefore, the idea that was illustrated through photography was about the emotion of what Maleficent, or any other villain, or any human, might become if they had experienced such painful betrayal or tragedy.

The Young Photographer was Awarded for the Best Innovative Design Solution.