Alruwh A Tribute to Inner Spirit ()

Alruwh A Tribute to Inner Spirit – JD Design Awards 2023

Alruwh is Designed by Rashida Nafisathul Miziriya ,student of Diploma in Fashion Design at Academy of design & Management under the guidance of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Alruwh were in the opinion that both the ups and downs of life should be celebrated because success is only supposed to be appreciated when it occurs. The only ones who consistently make mistakes and learn from them are humans. And since we are all free to make mistakes and grow from them as long as they don’t hurt or harm other people, it is appropriate to celebrate this freedom by embracing your playful side. Our charming collection of women’s resort wear was inspired by human behavior, which occasionally displays silly, brave, struggling, and hopeful behavior in addition to carefree behavior. Additionally, I think that fashion ought to be a way for people to express their emotions, ideas, and opinions. Most importantly, it should also allow one to express their own personalities and enjoy the delight of self-expression. The free state of a mind, the inherent originality, and allowing anything to be how it is and how it wants to be are all expressed via each piece in this collection. The goal of this collection is to embrace self-love and hope and to help people become better versions of themselves by incorporating brilliant colors, unique patterns, and unconventional designs.Each item is carefully made to make a strong statement, put a smile on your face, and add a little whimsical flair to your resort wardrobe.

The Young fashion designers were awarded for The Best Retail