Beyond Sight A Tribute to Street Art Blind Graffiti JD Design Awards ()

Beyond Sight : A Tribute to Street Art- Blind Graffiti- JD Design Awards 2023

Beyond Sight is Designed by Krishna Jayan, student of BSc in Fashion Design & Garment Management .Academy of design & Management under the guidance of at JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Beyond Sight Unleashing Braille Graffiti is a women’s street style collection for the AW23 season that celebrates the confluence of tactile communication and urban creativity. This collection pushes the limits of fashion and encourages women to express themselves freely and inclusively by incorporating Braille-inspired embellishments, graffiti-inspired designs, surprising textures, and empowering slogans. Enter a world where fashion becomes a holistic experience, encouraging you to see, touch, and feel the vitality of street style through a completely new lens. Prepare to enliven the streets with your distinctive sensory expressions.