Christmas is an annual religious and cultural festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ that is celebrated by billions of people around the world on the 25th of December. The custom of putting up unique Christmas decorations has a long history. Christmas decorations are traditionally red, green, and gold in colour. Christmas trees and cribs are erected in prominent locations to recreate the Nativity scene.

On the 20th of December, everyone at JD got together to celebrate Christmas. Students and teachers collaborated to use biodegradable items to beautify the college. Faculty hung mistletoe on the walls and hung wall hangings in the Staff Area. Students came up with ideas for using papers, ice cream sticks, and cotton to adorn classrooms. Our college was given a well-decorated entryway. Students also constructed a cot. Teachers worked together to build and decorate a Christmas tree out of paper cups, which they adorned with handcut stars and colourful balls. Students also demonstrated their draping abilities on dressforms that were decked out in Christmas colours.

On December 20th, we conducted a Secret Santa game in which all of the Secret Santas swapped gifts and greetings. Last but not least, we all cut a Christmas cake together and said our goodbyes with good wishes and prosperity.

Christmas Celebrations
Draping Done by The Students
Draping Done by The Students

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