National Entrepreneurship Day ADM

National Entrepreneurship Day: Entrepreneurs of ADM

In order to recognise innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership across the world, National Entrepreneurship Day was established. can count on those who push us to strive for higher levels of creativity and achievement and who inspire, encourage, and motivate us. This day is set aside to show appreciation and respect to people who have overcome all obstacles in their path.The 21st of August each year is designated as “World Entrepreneurs Day.”

On National Entrepreneurship Day, it also helps to understand how the road to entrepreneurship is frequently difficult and full of detours, obstacles, and dead ends. There are many restless nights, unsuccessful plans and funding, as well as clients who never show up. It can be extremely challenging to launch a business, leaving you to wonder why anyone would do it.

Despite these obstacles, National Entrepreneurs Day is a celebration of the many people who set out on an entrepreneurial journey each year, determined to realize their vision and fill a societal need. They establish physical businesses, launch tech startups, or develop concepts into novel goods or services, with many startups occurring online. You too can succeed as an entrepreneur if you have the right drive, inspiration, and strategy.

When paired with excitement, creativity knows no bounds and delivers remarkable outcomes. As a result, the Young and budding Entrepreneurs who have successfully completed various courses from our Academy of design & Management under the guidance JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin are proudly introduced. As a source of pride, we would like to highlight a few of our students who have excelled in their field.

Eugene George – Wings Designs

Eugene George Wings Designs ADM

Wings Designs, which provides exclusive designer and custom clothing for men, women, and children, was founded by Eugene George. The finest fabrics are used to create each collection by skilled artisans, and Wings Designs offers a wide selection of clothes of uncompromising quality.

Harif Abdu- Thehouseofclassy

Harif Abdu Thehouseofclassy ADM

Harif Abdul is the designer and founder of thehouseofclassy, a company that specializes in premium customized clothing for both men and women. Each collection is handcrafted with the finest fabrics by skilled artisans.

 Ketki Mehta – Fab designs

Ketki Mehta Fab designs ADM

Fab designs established in the year 2016 which is based in Kochi ,Fab designs have beautiful personalized collections for the young women and girls in the town with all the updated collections and styles . 

 Kamaruban Nusarath

Kamaruban Nusarath ADM

Mankasurath, which means “beauty of the mind,” makes casual clothing. The brand’s main focus is bridal customization, but it also offers a wide range of workwear for designers, artists, and architects. When it comes to casuals, earthy tones and cotton fabrics are used in the state of comfort.

 Sreelakshmi Ashok – Rabenda Design Studio

Sreelakshmi Ashok Rabenda Design Studio ADM

The brand Rabenda is known for being a champion of people and a place where communities can be inspired by the brand’s creativity. It is an entity with culture, character, and personality. They focus on designing bridal clothing with exquisite handwork, maternity clothing, and casual clothing.