Twirl & Twine A Tribute to Paper Quilling ()

Twirl & Twine : A Tribute to Paper Quilling – JD Design Awards 2023

Twirl & Twine is designed by Aparna M Nair & Safna Kabeer ,students of Diploma in Fashion Design at Academy of design and Management under the guidance of Jd institute of fashion technology Cochin for JD Design Awards 2023.A women’s party wear line called Twiril & Twine was created with inspiration from the delicate and alluring handcraft known as paper quilling.The quilled artwork is subjective to the viewer’s perspective and changes as the light changes throughout the day; light and shadow are incorporated into the piece to produce contrast and interesting perspectives. It makes use of paper strips that are rolled, molded, and stacked to make complex patterns. This collection combines excellent craftsmanship, ethereal silhouettes, and a tranquil color palette to produce a sense of serenity and timeless elegance. It embraces the meditative and calming characteristics of paper quilling. Each item is carefully crafted to exemplify the delicate grace and beauty of paper quilling, enabling women to radiate with grace and sophistication.