Vanquish A Tribute to Narcissistic love ()

Vanquish : A Tribute to Narcissistic love – JD Design Awards 2023

Vanquish is Designed by Fathima Bhakhiya, a student of Diploma in Fashion Design at Academy of design and Management under the guidance of Jd institute of fashion technology Cochin for JD Design Awards 2023. Vanquish a mesmerizing women’s resort wear collection designed for the Spring/Summer 2023 season.The powerful journey of a woman who overcomes narcissistic love and rediscovers her strength and independence serves as the inspiration for this collection. The word “vanquish,” which literally means “to overcome or to defeat,” has Latin and old French roots. It is the process of subduing and defeating our enemies. I cordially welcome you to engage in a transforming sartorial journey in which each item embodies the spirit of fortitude, self-acceptance, and emancipation.