Dark Elegance A Tribute to Wednesday JD Design Awards Academy of design AND Management ()

Dark Elegance : A Tribute to Wednesday – JD Design Awards 2023

Dark Elegance is Designed by Leena Jawhrin J K , Student of BSc in Fashion Design & Garment Management. Academy of design & Management under the guidance of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Cochin, for JD Design Awards 2023.Unveiling the television Series Wednesday-inspired Women’s Wear Collection for AW23″ invites you to experience the fascinating world of Wednesday Addams‘ hidden charm and embrace your own distinct sense of style.It embraces the dichotomy of darkness and beauty, resulting in a distinct style that is both mysterious and intriguing. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind when implementing this notion. This collection allows you to express your identity with confidence and elegance thanks to its somber color palette, edgy silhouettes, sumptuous fabrics, and spectacular accessories. Incorporate complex elements and accents that give off a dark and ominous aura. Consider lace trims, ruffles, corsets, and ornamental buttons in the Victorian style. To channel Wednesday Addams’ unique look, use striking accessories like chokers, cameo brooches, and spiderweb-patterned stockings.Step into the allure of the dark, channel your rebellious character, and create a striking fashion statement with the AW23 collection. Embrace the Wednesday within each of us and let our dress choices speak for itself.