Surface Ornamentation Workshop by ADM Academy of Design & Management ()

Surface Ornamentation Workshop by ADM

Students from MMO VHSS School in Ernakulam attended a surface ornamentation workshop organized by Academy of Design & Management on September 15, 2023, under the guidance of The workshop began with an introduction by our student Nadiya Jamal, a BSc Interiors Design student, and was then briefed on a number of courses offered by Academy of Design & Management under the guidance of the JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Cochin under the department of fashion and interior as well as on internship and job placement opportunities obtained from a number of companies by Ms. Akhila Kanakamoni, the center manager. 

The students were also given a basic introduction to fashion and textiles, where Ms. Sumathi and Ms. Rania, professors in the fashion department, introduced Surface ornamentation and discussed its purposes and various methods of surface ornamentation.Six different Shibori techniques were used as examples by our faculty to guide the hands-on learning experience for the students, as well as by providing in-depth education on the finer points of screen printing. The preparation of the dye and the finishing process have both been explained in detail. For the workshop, the full set was given to the students.

Students from MMOVHSS had a terrific opportunity to learn a lot about the dyeing and printing processes, as well as share their full experience packed with learning and fun with colors and materials, thanks to this workshop. As a token of our appreciation, we presented the School with a participation certificate.