The Manappuram Miss Queen Of India Academy of Design and Managemnt

The Manappuram Miss Queen Of India 2023 – Backstage Participation by ADM students

The only beauty pageants in India that do not feature a bikini or other similar attire are Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, and Miss Asia. The goal is also representative of Indian culture and tradition.

The Manappuram Miss Queen Of India Academy of Design and Managemnt

Students from Academy of design and management under the guidance Jd Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin got the amazing opportunity to participate in The Manappuram Miss Queen of India 2023 as backstage participants on January 16, 2023, where they learned a lot about managing backstage.

15 contestants from all around India entered the Miss Queen of India pageant. The competition was split into three categories: the Golden Gown, White Cocktail Dress, and Royal Blue Indian Ethnic Wear.

The following look had to be organized, and it was the students’ responsibility to do so:

  • Color coordinated outfits must be hung together and tied with a loose elastic.
  • Shoes are required for each outfit.
  • Accessories, in addition to clothing, must be hung.
  • The mini-poster with the look’s number, images of the look on the model, and a description of the style must be hung with the clothing.

To ensure that the clothes are easy to put on, students had to undo every button, zip, and lace on the footwear, according to each look, which students should be familiar with.

The primary sponsors of Pegasus’ Miss Queen of India 2023 pageant are Manappuram and DQUE. Amrut Veni, Wow Factor, SAJ Earth Resorts and Convention Center, Alcazar, and the Hecate Group of Companies are among the partners.

Among the collaboration partners are Kalpana International, Aishwarya Advertisements, Vee Kay Vees Caterers, Photogenic Fashion and Weddings, Unique Times, Europe Times, UT TV, UT World, FICF, Green Media, Neenu Pro, Juzt Shine Family Fitness, Parakkat Resorts, Akshay Inco, Good Day Hotels and Resorts, and JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin.

The Manappuram Miss Queen Of India Academy of Design and Managemnt

By giving students once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities at our partner events, we have had the opportunity of inspiring and influencing many gifted students on their route to a career in the fashion industry.