Open House Jury for Interiors & Fashion Design Aspirants Academy of Design and Management ()

Open House Jury for Interiors & Fashion Design Aspirants

On August 7th, Academy of Design and Management, with the assistance of JD Institute of Fashion Technology Cochin, hosted an Open House Jury for Fashion and Interior Department Students.During Open House, students proudly presented their meticulous classwork, the result of their hard work and ingenuity. This historic event was attended by several batches, each contributing their own unique perspective and level of competence to the presentation. The MSC Fashion Design & Management 2022, MSc Interior Design 2022, BSc Fashion Design Garment Management 2022, 2021, BSc Interior Design 2022, 2021, Diploma in Fashion Design Aug 2022, Diploma Interior Design Nov 2022, and Diploma Fashion Technology Nov 2022 were among the batches that formed a tapestry of inventiveness.

Throughout this display of brilliance, the youth’s dedication to and passion for their individual skills could be sensed. The carefully placed works represented a journey through several regions, demonstrating not just technical mastery but also a deep understanding of the cultural and historical contexts that affected their creations. During the jury, mentors provided invaluable guidance and insight, applauding the students’ efforts and making suggestions for future improvement. This event not only honored their labor of love and artistic expression but also served as a monument to their dedication to encouraging creative quality and a profound respect for the diverse areas of design and workmanship.